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Congratulations! Your little one is finally here…you waited nine long months for this arrival. Is it what you expected it would be? In some ways it might be better, yet in others, more challenging. Are you finding it difficult to make time for yourself? Eager to talk about your sleepless nights or struggles with feedings? Do you find yourself feeling blue...or worried you might have post-partum depression?   Are you feeling isolated at home?  Unsure of your decision to return to work...or stay home? Feeling a loss of identity?  Do you simply just want to get out of the house?!? 


A new moms' group is the answer!  


At one of our facilitated groups you will have the opportunity to discuss such topics in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment. Here you will build a new community of friends -MOM friends- who can truly empathize with what you are going through.  Each of our groups meet for 6 weeks, allowing new moms an opportunity to truly connect with one another and build a strong community.  Women are invited to laugh, cry, share frustrations & joys of motherhood with women who understand.


Our groups have 6 - 10 mamas & babies in each session;

babies are close in age to make the discussions more relevant.   


We host our groups throughout Rhode Island and on Zoom.  

So regardless of where you live, we'll find a group that works for you!

Rhode Island New Moms Connection

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