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These groups have led me to find the support of a loving and diverse group of women, help when I need it, I met my best friend, I've been connected to a group of beautiful blogging ladies and I have an expert at all things "mom" whenever I need an ear. We come from all walks of life, backgrounds and experiences. If you or someone you know is having a baby or just had one in the past year- you need to join a group! ~ Chelley M.

Joining a new moms group with RI New Moms Connection was the best and easiest decision I've made as a mom!  I loved the safe atmosphere Kathy created where I could openly ask questions about sleep, nursing, development, and beyond.  Also, there were plenty of "you're experiencing that too!" moments with the other moms.  Over the course of the two groups I participated in, I met a wonderful group of women to go on walks with, meet for playdate and coffee. ~Jess C. 

I participated in a New Mom's Group as well as a Second Time Around Mom's Group with Kristen.  She provided a safe, comfortable place for myself and other moms to meet and discuss the ups and downs of motherhood. Our endless conversations touched on everything from starting solids to the inevitable toddler tantrum. I left each meeting feeling inspired, and having gained further insight into parenting.  I feel blessed to share my journey through motherhood with the wonderful community of women I met in Rhode Island New Mom's Connection. Thank you for facilitating these groups, and providing such a warm and welcoming environment for us to share our feelings. ~ Lisa T.

I'm so glad I heard about RI new moms connection when Sophie was about a month old.  I quickly looked you up on Google and signed up.  I felt so alone and isolated those first few weeks home with the baby and joining the group made a world of difference.  It really helped me feel like I wasn't the only one going through the ups and downs of first time motherhood.  The first few months being a new mother can be difficult and it's so helpful having a support group.  It was also nice to have something to do every week and a reason to get out of the house.  Even now that our babies are close to a year old, we still continue to meet up and have all become very friendly.  Every time I meet a pregnant woman or a brand new mom, I always recommend they join one of your groups.  It really helped shape my first year as a new mother, and I've met so many great friends.Thank you, thank you!  ~ Lucy F.

I participated in two groups facilitated by Kathy--a Pregnancy Support Group and a New Moms' Group. Kathy establishes a secure atmosphere in her groups where women are able to be honest in a time when they feel most vulnerable. It is because of her ability to create a nurturing environment that does not tolerate judgment that I have been able to make wonderful connections with other women and have become a mother that I am proud to be. ~ Jessica 

Thank you so much Kristen. The first 3 months would be a long lonely haul without the help and support of this group. Thank you so much for being a friend! ~ Allison

It's been so wonderful to do all this "baby talk" in such a supportive atmosphere with women I respect. Kathy is a wonderful facilitator--very warm and welcoming of all perspectives while also truly knowledgeable. ~ Heather 

When I became a new mom, I was so worried that I was doing things wrong, but by the end of every group I left with increased confidence because Kristen knew just what to say to make me feel better and reassure me that I was a caring, loving mother. Being a member of Kristen's new mom's group didn't just help me to enjoy being a mom, it helped me to know that my baby enjoyed having me for a mom.~ Lisa F.

The Pregnancy Group was a great way to meet new friends, the 0-3 Month New Moms Group may have saved my life, and by the time the 3-6 Month New Moms Group rolled around, I was just plain addicted!  Participating in groups through RI New Moms Connection was one of the best, if not the best, decisions I've made since I became a mama! ~ Jeni

Rhode Island New Moms Connection

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